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Information! International TechPitch Camp

Parents, clubs and associations don’t buy what we do! Parents, clubs and associations buy why we do it!

May, summer and autumn break: 5 days of fun and festivity!

The! International TechPitch Camp is for hockey players from the age of 12 to 17 from all over the Netherlands, but also internationally. It is for kids who want to do more with hockey, who like to make new friends and also for the ones who want to train their hockey skills both technically and didactically.

Training program

The! International TechPitch Camp is a hockey camp, where playing hockey naturally comes first. Every day will be spend training the tricks of the hockey game, the newest techniques and tactics, with the help of the famous TechPitch! Internationals and renowned trainers show how it goes in the top. The hockey program is carefully composed in consultation with topcoaches and trainers in the Netherlands.

Social program

The great training sessions alternate with activities such as challenging games, a survival led by a professional, water fights, plays, ghost tours, fun discos and of course a spectacular end-gala and ‘talents night’.

A unique experience that you cannot miss! Register quickly and meet new hockey friends!


In 2018 (with sufficient registrations) there will be hockey camps organized on the following data:
Week 1: the 30 th of June till the 5 th of July.
Week 2 : the 27 th of July till the first of August Zwolle Sport Campus
Week 3: the 4 th of August till the 9 th of August
Week 4: the 11 th of August till the 16 th of August (senior week from the age of 13 till 17)

Register now for the! International TechPitch Camp! International TechPitch Camp is a young, sporting organization that organizes fun and educational 3-day hockey camps and 7-day camps with overnight stays. The camps only take place at the complex of the hockey club, as well as the overnight stays.

The program of! International TechPitch Camp

Sport and fun go hand in hand.
Fun is a keyword in the program of! International TechPitch Camp. We let this fun come back multiple times by teaching the children new techniques, we’ll make them better in what they can already do and with positive coaching we bring out the best in the participants. With the challenging and alternating exercise material and the many competition forms, the participants will never get bored. We also make sure that all of the kids have fun in playing hockey and the surrounding activities. That way, the ideal mix between hockey and fun arises, a perfect combination!

The 3-day clinic/day camps

The day camps are 3-day camps at varying locations throughout the country. During these camps all children are engaged in hockey from early in the morning until the end of the afternoon and in the evening they just sleep at home.

The 5-7-day camps with overnight stays

The internal camps last 7 days and 6 nights. During this camp, the children sleep in tents. During the day, the children will follow the hockey program under supervision of the supervisors and trainers. In the evening, fun and pleasant activities take place, so that as a participant of the internal camp, you will have the week of your life!

Target audience! International TechPitch Camp is meant for everyone who likes hockey very much. Experience isn’t important. Whether you are a beginner or have been playing hockey for years, the challenging program will be adapted to the level and age of the participants. This way you’ll get the most out of the hockey camp!

The age groups of the 3-day camps are 6-9 and 10-13 year olds. For the internal camps, you’ll have to be a bit older. The age groups of the camp with overnight stays in Zwolle are 8-12 and 12-15 year olds.


The classification of the groups are according to age and level. Because pleasure comes first at Hockey Internationals, we naturally take a good account of social wishes. In order to have as much fun as possible, you can indicate with who you want to join a group. This way we ensure that friends, teammates or family come together if they want to. Awesome, right!


To make sure that every camp is a success, a team of the most fun supervisors has been composed for every camp. The supervisors are all enthusiastic and sporty hockey players who would like to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with the kids. They will carefully carry out the composed program which has both many technical exercises as well as competition situations. Furthermore, all supervisors from the age of 20 years old are in possession of a declaration of good conduct.


The safety of the children is the most important aspect. Not only during the exercises but also outside of them. To ensure the safety of every camp, there will be a physiotherapist and a First Aid team at every clinic. The First-Aiders will always standby for your children. Of course, there is always a doctor on service standby.

Allergies and special requests  

At! International TechPitch Camp the child is central. That is why we take good account of possible allergies of your child. These allergies and other medical notes can be mentioned on the registration form, so that they can be taken into account during the camps.