Get Hooked with! TechPitch


Effective and focused training on your hockey technique. It sounds quite simple, however (junior) trainers and athletes often experience problems with this.! has a solution to this!
By means of fixed pattern lines the youthful hockey players come to a better technique and control with the ball and stick. In a playful way they develop automatism and train their footwork.

From automatism to playing hockey intuitively! helps children and youth with developing automatism and their second nature. That way, they can react intuitively on situations within the hockey game. Pedagogically and didactically they are challenged with this method in their motor learning. The good control of many techniques leads to fun, confidence and conviction.

‘’! is a grandiose developed and innovative idea. And, it is a good method for practicing at home!’’ – Toon Siepman, trainer/coach Dames 1 HC Oranje-Rood

Training methodology! involves a complete training methodology. As soon as trainers have learned how to apply this method in their own training sessions, they help their players to specialize in hockey techniques.! offers, for example, train-the-trainer-sessions, so that trainers at the club are trained at the same time and they can jointly apply the method in their training. This helps in the development in full line from the youngest youth, read more here on the training methodology

In addition to the training methodology,! has developed the TechPitch. This is a special training field, on which the methodology of! can be perfectly trained. The beauty of this field is that it can be placed at hockey clubs, for example at the mini-fields, so trainers can always use the field during their training sessions. In addition, hockey players can also purchase the Tech-Pitch for home use. He can then roll out the mat himself with the unique pattern himself at home and practice! Read more here on the TechPitch

‘’The! TechPitch doesn’t only let you break the boundaries of your creativity, you also discover freedom in motion.’’ Marilyn Agliotti, assistant trainer Oranje-Rood and player HC Antwerp

The beauty of! is that everyone can practice at home, in the backyard, on the street, in the park, on the schoolyard. The training methodology has been developed in such a way that it challenges the youth to challenge each other. Who can perform these hockey techniques faster than the other? Who can do it more precisely? Who can make creative movements with? On social media such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, videos of hockey players are already circulating that show the 1.2.3 hockey! techniques. And that is what we want to achieve with!: enthusiastic youth who are busy with hockey. Read more about! TechChallenge here.