Get Hooked with! TechPitch


From automatism to playing hockey intuitively
The! TechPitch gives both the hockey player and trainer handles to practice fixed patterns, which will lead to training from automatism to acting intuitively on the field. Speed, maneuverability, ball control and footwork are the most important pillars.

At the hockey club or school
The! TechPitch is available in different sizes and variants. These training fields (big and small) can be laid out at hockey clubs and hockey schools. There are multiple patterns integrated in these fields. That way, it is possible for talented players to work on their technique at the same time.

Separate! TechPitches are available for individuals. This is mobile and convenient to unroll on the street, on the driveway, and even in the living room. Effective technique training is suddenly possible anytime and anywhere with the TechPitch.

Exercise in your own garden
In addition, a mini-hockey field can be built in the backyard, completely with bumpers, goals, and, if desired, even a fence. With this, in addition to the technique training, you can even play a small game with the kids.

Learn how it works
In combination with the installation and delivery from one of the aforementioned fields, there may be offered a! manual and/or training(s) from sports innovator Albert Monpellier. Monpellier is the developer of the methodology and explains the basic knowledge in an enthusiastic manner. That way, the users will go to work the right way, and they’ll be able to practice endlessly on the! TechPitch.   

Are you interested in- or do you want more information about the! TechPitch! Then contact us.