Get Hooked with! TechPitch! training methodology  

Are you a hockey trainer, and do you want to teach your players new hockey techniques, in a fun and challenging way? Are you looking for tools for learning hockey techniques?! can help you and your club in learning hockey techniques.

The training methodology
The training method of! is simple, effective and attractive for the children and youth. The starting point is always that it leads to joy of playing, creativity, trust, conviction and functionality on the pitch.

With this methodology, you help children and youth in developing automatism. So that they can respond intuitively to situations in the hockey game. Pedagogically and didactically they are challenged in their motor learning. The good control of many techniques means that they are convinced of their abilities with pleasure and confidence. This is what shows on the field!! training methodology on your club
Introducing a new technique training requires some effort of the technical commission, trainers and coaches.! ensures that everyone knows what the method involves, how the trainer can apply the method, what the hockey player learns and how to make this functional during the game on the field.

There are different ways of implementing the methodology on your club. So we offer, for example:

-         Presentations for the board and (technical) coordinators

-         Train-the-trainer-sessions

-! clinics in association with Hockey Internationals! presentation
The! method offers an excellent opportunity for clubs to refresh and enthuse their framework. Often this starts with a presentation (often in combination with an introduction training) to the board, technical staff and / or trainers / coaches.

How do you challenge trainers to let children work on their joy of playing, creativity, conviction, confidence and functionality? In the special train-the-trainer sessions trainers and coaches are trained in the application of the training methodology of !.! clinics

In association with Hockey Internationals, we organise clinics on hockey clubs in the Benelux. We do this together with top hockey players and top coaches of the highest level. Of course we apply the training methodology of 1.2.3 hockey during the clinics. 

Do you want more information about the training methodology of Are you interested in a presentation, train-the-trainer session or a clinic at your club? Then contact us.